How To Trademark An Idea In Nigeria

Who can seek a trademark and what does it protect? Trademark in nigeria is a intricate field that cannot be easily summarized.

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How to register a trademark in nigeria.

How to trademark an idea in nigeria. How much is trademark registration in nigeria? Protects the product/brand from counterfeiters. Please note that for trademarks filed online, a soft.

The whole idea is to freeze the situation before damages can flow, pending a subsequent trial on the merits. Registration of trademarks the trademarks register is divided into two parts: In nigeria, trademark protection is on the basis of first to register.

By halima salman, esq (aicmc) there is a need to protect business ideas which, although abstract, are essential to the development and growth of businesses, society and the economy. How to trademark in nigeria. It protects a name, word, slogan, symbol, design, and/or image identifying a business or brand and distinguishing it from others in the same field.

Full name (s), nationality and physical address of the applicant. The trademarks register is divided into two parts: Protection of business ideas in nigeria.

11:25pm on mar 17, 2015. Laws of the federation of nigeria 1990 provides for trademarks and patents in nigeria. Business and product owners file for a trademark.

Section 9 of the trademark act cap t13 lfn 2004 provides that in order for a trademark to. Registering a trademark in nigeria is the only way to protect a unique brand for goods or services in the market place. The relevant authority in charge of trademark registration is the trademarks, patents and designs registry under the federal ministry of trade and investment.

What are the benefits of a trademark? Trademark full application only is $880 (for one class) and $ 800each for other class, up to 44 extra classes. While protection may not be legally afforded to all business ideas, those capable of being protected by the law are the.

Section 9 of the trademark act cap t13 lfn 2004 provides that in order for a trademark to be registrable under part a, the mark must contain one of the. According to wikipedia, a trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others. Registered trademarks in nigeria are governed by the trademarks act, chapter t13 laws of the federation of nigeria 2004 (the “trademarks act”), while unregistered trademarks are governed by received english common law.

Part a and part b. The law regarding trademark registration in nigeria. Trademark registration in nigeria, key takeaways.

You can do this by conducting a search. This can legally protect your trademark from use by a competitor. December 9, 2015 — under nigerian law, a trademark or service mark must be published for opposition before it can be registered in the register of trademarks in nigeria.

Trademark registration in nigeria by jasedu60: The cost of registering trademark in nigeria ordinarily includes the filing fees and the professional fee of the lawyer or agent handling such application. Whether the idea on which the patent is sought is a product or process, the same registration procedure is required.

Now, you will have a clear idea about the trademark registration in nigeria. Honest information of the applicant which must include the following: The total cost, including the professional fee for registering a trademark, may range between $450 to about $600.

Because of this, the applications made for the trademark registration in nigeria from the other countries of the convention will not have the priority. A trademark is a recognizable name or design, which is. When you want to make a patent application in nigeria, the first step is to ensure the invention has not already been patented.

A clear neat and separate representation of the trademark. In this article therefore, we will give you the basic idea of trademark registration in nigeria. A trademark is a symbol or a sign which differentiates the goods and services of one business from another one.

While this write up gives a brief idea into securing your trademark in nigeria, it in no way replaces the need for expert legal advice in this area. There are the areas of registration and classes of goods under which a mark can be registered, searches, registrable and. A trademark can be registered by the trademark owner himself or through an agent unless he is a foreigner in which case he has to engage an agent.

It’s the sigh or design that sets you apart from others doing similar. How to patent an idea in nigeria. The laws related to trademark registration in nigeria are the trade marks act, cap t 13, laws of the federation of nigeria 2004 (“tma”), and the trademark regulations act 1990.

The information/details about the trademark. Part a and part b. A trademark is, essentially, an organisation’s reputation and brand, making it an extremely valuable asset.

A trademark is a symbol or a sign which differentiates the goods and services of one business from another one. A guide to trademark registration in nigeria. With that simple definition, you should understand how important a trademark is.

The trademark registration in nigeria provided for by trade marks act lfn 1990 is one important way to protect and distinguish someone’s trade symbols in nigeria. Trademark search only is $160 (for one class) and $ 60each for other class, up to 44 extra classes. The idea is for anyone who may be harmed or affected by the registration of the trademark or service mark to oppose or object to the registration.

The requirements for filing a trademark in nigeria.

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